Vogue (UK), August 2017

Vogue (UK), August 2017

This is a personal record of censored images and text in newspapers and magazines in Pakistan. 

Hello, my name is Sanam Maher and I'm a journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. I've been documenting instances of censorship in newspapers and magazines for over a decade and, more recently, sharing whatever I found on my personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with the hashtag 'censored'. This site serves as a personal repository of all those images. It is by no means exhaustive. It will be updated every time I find a new blank space or a breast that has been scribbled over with black marker. 

Welcome, and enjoy*.

My day job: https://sanammaher.com/

*If you'd like to save or share any of the images, please be cool and give credit where its due. If you share any of these images on Instagram or Twitter, do use #hashtagcensored, tag me @topbastard or link back to this site.